About Us

Like many startup companies, the Angler Brothers started manufacturing Bite-ON fish attractants in their home garage as kids and then a few years ago went to a commercial production. Our vision was to give our recipe to ALL Anglers to have fun with while fishing. All Bite-ON fish attractants contains a closely guarded 3rd generation secret base ingredient, handed down from their Grandfather, and a secret herb root from the jungles of South America -Bolivia. Bite-ON got its first break with its first purchase order at Taka’s Bait & Tackle, an independent tackle store located in Anaheim, Ca. Bite-ON’s first bottles were labeled with only black and white print, with no graphics, but they knew they had a product that was “garlic teed” to attract trout and that people would want in their tackle boxes…and they did! With a love for the adventure and outdoors and a true passion for helping other people of all ages catch fish the Angler Brothers were “officially” in business with an incredible fishing BRAND “Bite-ON Fishing Attractants”.

Many local anglers were continuously catching countless stringers and individual trophy trout up to 21.5lbs! (the whisper began) and with the help from the man above, their family, and their dedicated pro-staff, the bite-on "whisper” quickly spread around the southern California fishing community and bite-on continued to grow in to more and more independent fish & tackle stores throughout the orange county and Los Angeles area. In 2011, Bite-ON found its way on to the shelves at Irvine lake, arguable one of the favorite-hotspot lakes in California for trout, catfish, & bass. Later that year Bite-ON landed its first corporate chain account with Turner’s Outdoorsman, a well know southern California sporting goods favorite, with 14 stores! Turner’s outdoorsman currently carries all 7 sku’s of Bite-ON attractants scents. Soon after in 2012, Sport Chalet, a sporting goods giant, with 54 stores, opened its doors to Bite-ON Fish attractants as well. Now in 2016, there are over 300 stores and growing fast in other states.