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This product is top notch! You want to get bit, then use Bite-on on all of your baits and lures!

Dan Fityone

I just landed a 9.5 lb blue catfish at sarl on mack bite-on sauce

Richard Smith

Thank You Tony...
Got a call back from Tony yesterday and found my package at my door this morning... but just realized no postage attached to the package, which indicates it was hand delivered...

Dennis G Nail

I've caught my biggest catfish with Bite-On attractant (32.2lbs) and plenty of Trout also. A must have for any avid angler or tournament angler.

Giovanni Perez

My go to sent for Large Mouth. Remember fish hold on to the lure when they can taste it. Let's just say every bottle of Bite-On it comes with a bite.

Kenji Fishing

Got my personal best catfish 7lbs 12oz. With " bite on " chunk Mack with garlic favor and ....BOOM.....

Kevin Kaiser Sr

Nothing better than a inflated crawler dipped in biteon ! It works great!!

Rich Richardson

BiteOn trout attractants work Great. The Associates are Top Notch.

Rodney Sakamoto

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