3,000 Miles

On July 5th, 2016, I moved across the country to work and live in New York City for one year. This is a personal documentary of my year, chronicled by voicemails left by my mom. Director / DP / Editor: Sean Wang Original Score: Breton Vivian ( Pianist: Jonathan Keith Sound Design / Sound Mix: Michael O’ Connor ( Title Card: Cindy T. Mai ( Additional protest photos taken by: Isaac Blankensmith & Milovale Tiatia + featured on: Short of the Week: Booooooom: Special thanks: Daniel Ngai Sam Davis Brian Tang Kellan Davidson Matthew Kalish MikeMike Weisburd Cindy Mai Emmett Kim Tori Hinn Tu Alex Wataru Olivia Lim Jennifer Lee Michael Lee David Wang Google Creative Lab & many many more.